Our FAQ section provides all the frequently asked questions and their answers. Please review the list below. Contact us if you will have further questions.


1. Do you provide same day service?
Yes, At Confident we put customers first and understand how important it is to provide a quick turn around on repairs and relines, this is just one of the ways we show that we care.


2. How long does it take to get a Full Denture?
Typically, we can fabricate a full denture from a satisfactory try-in to finish in five days. For a complete schedule of in lab turnaround times, please visit Send A Case section.


3. What should we include with a case?
Please include:
✓ Completed Rx Form
✓ Impression and/or Model
✓ Study and/or pre-op Model
✓ Patient photos
✓ Bite registration
✓ Tooth Shade


4. What Zirconia brands do you use for Full Contour option?
We can fabricate Bio ZX2 ®, BruxZir ®, and Lava ®. We feel that Bio ZX2 ® is one of the most Translucent Full Contour Zirconia option Available. Recommended for Posterior Restorations. Here is some more information on Bio ZX2.


5. Can you add teeth and repair flexible partials?
Yes, we can repair and add teeth to DuraFlex flexible partials and nylon flexibles like Valplast and TCS. Because flexible partials are thermo-injected, they cannot be relined. Instead, flexible partials must be rebased, with all new base material. Two full working days and primary and opposing models are necessary for all fabrications, repairs and tooth additions. Unfortunately, same day service is not possible. 


6. What brands or types of flexible partials do you make and repair?
Valplast ®, TCS Flexible ®, and FlexStar ® are all brands of nylon flexible-based partial that we have produced and can repair. Duraflex ® is a newer, non-nylon flexible-based partial that is our default material for all new cases. At this time we are not able to repair or add teeth to Flexite or FRS partials, although we are able to rebase them with all new DuraFlex material.


7. What is a Duraflex ®?
Duraflex ® is a newer, non-nylon, semi-crystaline thermo-plastic resin. It is also hypoallergenic, using no monomers or other chemicals for curing. Unlike Nylon, it does not absorb moisture, so it is less inclined to stain or retain odors. It is also less prone to warping. As with Nylon, teeth and clasps can be added to existing partials. We believe Duraflex ® is a superior product to the Nylons available, and use it as our default material for all new flexible based partials.


8. Can Duraflex ® be combined with metal cast frames?
Yes, we can combine Duraflex ® with cast metal frames to create hybrid partials with less visible, more aesthetically pleasing flexible clasps.


9. How long does it take to get an Acrylic Night Guard?
Typically, we can fabricate an acrylic night guard in three days. For a complete schedule of in lab turn around times, please visit Send A Case section.


10. What Ortho Appliances do you fabricate?
Here are just a few of Ortho Appliances we fabricate. For a complete list of products and services we offer, please Contact Us.
✓ We do EMA ® for Sleep Apnea
✓ Acrylic Night Guards
✓ Athletic Mouth Guards
✓ Dual Laminate Night Guards
✓ Hawley Retainers
✓ Thermo-flex Splints
✓ Shwartz Appliance