Started in 2002 as removable prosthetics lab, Confident Dental Lab offers all conventional removable services, with full dentures as our specialty. Since then, our service driven approach has earned us a great reputation for quality solutions to both typical and challenging cases. Our highly skilled technicians and staff are available by telephone or in person, if needed, to discuss case specifications or technology selection.



At Confident we offer traditional Cast Frame, Flexible and Temporary Acrylic partials so you can provide your patients with the best options in both functionality and comfort.



 In 2003, Confident was the first Minnesota lab to have its own in-house flexible partials department. Since then, our technicians have trained in New York, California and Illinois with Valplast, TCS and DuraFlex to provide our dentists with consistently high quality, aesthetically pleasing flexible partials. Because of its hypoallergenic formula, its superior stain and odor resistance and better finishing qualities, DuraFlex is currently our material of choice for new flexible partials. We are also able to repair and add teeth to existing DuraFlex, Valplast and TCS partials.




We offer custom Vitallium 2000 Plus partial denture castings that are processed using Myerson DB Plus® or Portrait® teeth. Vitallium 2000 Plus is the state-of-the art in premium partial alloy featuring:


  • Smaller, lighter partial dentures
  • Excellent fit, adjustability and fracture resistance
  • Outstanding biocompatibility



At Confident we provide you with quality esthetics for the interim. We can do temporary acrylic partials both with or without wire clasps.